The Name



:of, relating to, or occurring in the pedosphere

(from Greek: πέδον, pedon, "soil"; and σφαῖρα [sphaira] "sphere")


The pedosphere is the soil cover of the Earth, similar to other terrestrial envelopes (geospheres).  It is the zonal-regional type of a spatial structure, reflecting diverse influences of biological-climatic and lithologic-geomorphologic conditions of the soil formation as well as of geological history of different regions of the Earth.


This thin shell is sometimes referred to as the 'skin' of the Earth.  We call it Gaia's Corpse.  The autopoietic systems' membrane, produced and maintained to regulate conditions of the environment.  It is upon this boundary between atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere that we operate: incise, animate, modulate and articulate.



The Office


Founded in 2012 the Office of Pedonic Operations is a landscape consulting and design firm. OPO provides services in research & visualization, landscape architecture, land strategy and communications.