2015-05-22     OPO on display.  Mr. Byrne curates exhibitions

                          Second Wave of Modernism: Leading with Landscape.  Isabel Bader Theatre, May 22

                          with The Cultural Landscape Foundation

                          Rendering Toronto's Landscape.  City Hall, May 23 - 24

                          with The City of Toronto


2015-05-18     OPO on the move.  Mr. Byrne accepts the 2015–2016 Daniel Urban Kiley Teaching

                          Fellowship in Landscape Architecture and will join the GSD faculty for the 2015–2016

                          academic year as a lecturer in landscape architecture.


2015-05-06     OPO in action.  Mr. Byrne teaches at the University of Waterloo

                          ARC 425 Core Course - theory and design in the contemporary landscape

                          with Elise Shelley


2015-04-30     OPO in reviews

                          Harvard Graduate School of Design

                          Spring 2015 Final Reviews: Landscape Architecture Core II & IV


2015-03-17     OPO in action.  Mr. Byrne participates in symposium

                          Re:Post 2015 University of Waterloo



2015-01-23     OPO on display.  Harbourfront Centre

                          Architecture Exhibition Winter Spring 2015.  January 24 - June 7, 2015

                          Reclamation in Progress


2014-01-05     OPO in action.  Mr. Byrne teaches at the University of Toronto

                          LAN 2014 Graduate Core Studio - Scenic and Metric – Form of Ecology

                          Coordinator with James Roche

                          LAN 3017 Design Studio Thesis


2014-12-15     OPO in action.  competition loss.

                          Jardins de metis, 16th ed.



2014-09-08     OPO in action.  Mr. Byrne teaches at the University of Toronto

                          LAN 3016 Graduate Option Studio - From Science Fiction to Weird Faction

                          with Ole Schrøder of Tredje Natur

                          LAN 2013 Graduate Core Studio - SuperStudio

                          with Francesco Martire (Coordinator), et al.

                          LAN 1021 Graduate Core - Visual Communication 1


2014-05-06     OPO in action.  Mr. Byrne teaches at the University of Waterloo

                          ARC 684 Graduate Seminar - On Why to Improve Nature

                          ARC 293 Undergraduate Core Studio - Species, Spaces and Productive Territories

                          with Lola Sheppard (Coordinator), et al.


2014-01-22     Mr. Byrne honored as First Runner Up

                          2014 Maeder-York Family Fellowship in Landscape Studies

                          Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


2014-01-01     website online.  +1 year.




2013-12-04     OPO in action.  competition loss.  top twenty

                          Oil Sand

                          Jardins de metis, 15th ed.


2013-10-23     OPO in action

                          Graphic support to Lateral Office

                          FAR ROC For a Resilient Rockaway Design Competition


2013-09-11     OPO in action.  Research site visit to Fort McMurray and the oil sands

                          PRIMED: Oil Sands (ongoing)



2013-09-05     OPO in action.  Mr. Byrne teaches at the University of Toronto

                          LAN 3016 Graduate Option Studio - Supernormal Codes

                          with Fadi Masoud of Adams - Masoud


2013-07-10     OPO on display.  Urbanspace Gallery, 401 Richmond

                          Green Line exhibition

                          July 10 to August 17, 2013


2013-06-25     OPO in print

                          Power Up / Power Down - Green Line Ideas Competition

                          Spacing Magazine.  Summer 2013


2013-05-01     OPO in print

                          Climate Supremacy - an interview with Mr. Byrne (2013)

                          Ground, Landscape Architect Quarterly.  OALA


2013-04-25     OPO in action.  competition win.  finalist

                          collaboration with Shift Landscape + Urbanism

                          Green Line Ideas Competition


2013-04-23     OPO in reviews

                          University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning

                          Spring 2013 Final Reviews


2013-02-08     Mr. Byrne presents Operation 'Hello Eden'

                          discussion and book launch.  Studio X NYC, New York

                          bracket II [goes soft]


2013-01-26     OPO on display.  Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

                          graphic support to Lateral Office

                          Knowledge Clouds: Arctic University


2013-01-23     OPO in action

                          Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation, 2013 Grant Recipient

                          PRIMED: Oil Sands (ongoing)


2013-01-01     website online.




2012-12-20     OPO in action.  competition win.  3rd Prize Winner

                          collaboration with Atelier3AM - Landscape Consultant

                          Innovative Bioclimatic European School in Crete, Greece - SBO, UIA


2012-12-07     ENMOD: Environmental Modification selected for inclusion to Atmos 5

                          Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba

                          Atmos 5 Ecology + Design Symposium February 7 - 9


2012-11-12     OPO in print

                          Operation 'Hello Eden' accepted for publication

                          SHIFT:process (forthcoming; March 2013)


2012-10-08     OPO in action.  competition win.  finalist

                          Sustainable Development Award

                          2012 AIM (Architects in Mission) International Design Competition